Monday, January 24, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Interred elsewhere, remembered here

On 21 January 1921 Thomas Bryan, Francis Flood, Patrick Doyle, and Bernard Ryan were arrested at the site of the abortive ambush at Drumcondra. To read the story of the ambush visit: ...And one was mortally wounded: The abortive ambush at Drumcondra. During a two day trial in February of that year they were convicted of High Treason against the British crown, and on 14 March 1921 were executed at Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, Ireland.

Despite many requests by their families to have their remains returned to their loved ones, the bodies of these men were buried on the prison grounds. After eighty years of lobbying the Irish government to have the bodies of their family members disinterred from Mountjoy and returned to them, in October of 2001 the families were finally granted their request. To view the grave in which these men were re-interred in October 2001 visit: Tombstone Tuesday: Cut down in the prime of life: The young men of the Drumcondra Ambush

During the intervening eighty years, in order to honour the memory of these men, this monument was erected in the Oglaich na h√Čireann (Old I.R.A.) plot at Glasnevin Cemetery.

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